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Jackson Middle School

Public Hearing

Wednesday, October 4
1:30 pm on Zoom

LU 22-185273 CU MS AD Email comments to for consideration and/or testify at the hearing on October 4th.

View Land Use Hearing Participation Information. 

Neighbor comments and other exhibits for case number 4230004 can be viewed on Google Drive or on the Land Use Hearings website:
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Password = PHguestp$$wd5

Relevant Approval Criteria:
To be approved, this proposal must comply with the approval criteria of Title 33, the Portland Zoning Code. The applicable approval criteria are:
• Zoning Code Section 33.820.050.A-C (Conditional Use Master Plan Review)
• Zoning Code Section 33.805.040.A-F (Adjustment Review)

The Portland Zoning Code is available online at


View Bureau of Development Services Staff Report and Recommensation to the Hearings Officer

CU – The proposed sports fields would be used for scheduled games, so the proposal is subject to Conditional Use Review (Zoning Code Section 33.279.025 and Zoning Code Chapter 33.910, definition of “organized sports”).

MS – Conditional Use Master Plan to allow the improvements to be phased over a maximum 10-year period (Zoning Code Sections 33.820.030.C and 33.820.060).

AD – Adjustments to Zoning Code (1) waive the requirement for high screen landscaping buffers, (Zoning Code Section 33.258.070.D.2, Zoning Code Section 33.266.130.G.2.d.2) and (2) increase the maximum structure height for 10 new field light poles (Zoning Code Section 33.100.200.B.1, Zoning Code Table 110-9).

Join the Board of Directors

There are several open positions; President, Vice President, Secretary, District Delegates and At-large board members.

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Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 10
6:00 - 7:00 pm

The link to join this virtual meeting on Zoom can be found in the Agenda.

Meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome.

Bus route 39 map.

New Bus Route

39-Arnold Creek/Hillsdale

39-Arnold Creek/Hillsdale provides weekday rush-hour service between Barbur Blvd Transit Center, Arnold Creek, Burlingame and Hillsdale, along Huber, 35th, Stephenson, Boones Ferry, Terwilliger, Spring Garden, Barbur, Bertha and Capitol Highway.

Service runs on weekdays during peak travel time for Wells High School students.

Learn more.

Miracle Heights

Miracle Heights map

Appeal Withdrawn

Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association Board held a meting on August 29th to discuss their appeal of the Decision of the Hearings Officer. After delibrations, the board voted to withdraw the appeal.