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SW Boones Ferry Road Walkway from Orchard Hill Rd to City Limits gets a 30% Design

Southwest in Motion (SWIM) Project BP-40 Boones Ferry Walkway will improve pedestrian safety along SW Boones Ferry Rd, between SW Orchard Hill Rd and our local grocery and shopping center Oswego Towne Square. Portland Bureau of Transportation presented a 30% design at the January Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association meeting.

View project website.

Example of proposed design.

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Tuesday, May 14
6:00 - 7:00 pm

The link to join this virtual meeting on Zoom can be found in the Agenda.

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Middle Housing Land Division Cottage Cluster

Stephenson Place Subdivision

The owner-developer of the vacant lot east of 1030 SW Stephenson St is proposing an eight-unit cottage cluster which will be on individually owned lots. Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association was notified on January 22 that the planning is complete (view Notice and Site Plan). There will be a 14 day comment period. The decision will be made within 63 days, and there will be a 14 day window for an appeal of the decision.

Middle Housing Land Division (MHLD) provides an opportunity to divide certain middle housing types (duplex, detached duplex, triplex, fourplex, or cottage cluster) so that each unit is on its own lot and available for separate ownership. MHLD follows a different process from other Land Divisions:

  • Must have an existing or proposed middle housing development. Cannot create lots for future development.
  • Building permit should be at an “approvable” stage before starting MHLD review.
  • 63-day maximum land division review process cannot be extended if issues arise.
  • Construction can occur during the review.
  • Final plat approval contingent on completion of certain building elements (e.g. framing and utilities) to ensure final lot lines are correctly sited.