Lesser Celandine

Stop the Spread!

Lesser Celandine is spreading rapidly in the Arnold Creek watershed. It will take over your yard, your neighbor’s yard, roadside ditches and natural areas. It is very difficult to control once it becomes established. Unless we take action, this very invasive species will crowd out native plants and reduce the diversity of our ecosystem.

Trimet Changes

39 Lewis and Clark

TriMet is proposing to reduce service to only run buses during peak travel time for Wells High School students.

And they would extend Line 39 to serve the Arnold Creek neighborhood and Barbur Transit Center via Boones Ferry, Stephenson, 35th, and Huber, instead of serving Palatine Hill and Lewis & Clark College.

Annual Meeting

With Elections

Tuesday, February 14

6:00 – 7:00 pm

Elections for all Board positions will be held in February.

View Board positions here. Contact Katie, president@arnoldcreek.org to learn more.

Meetings are held virtually. The link to join can be found in the Agenda.

Meeting Materials

Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association meets monthly, on the second Tuesday. No meetings in July, August and December. The Annual Meeting with elections is held in February.

Meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome.