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Find pedestrian routes and connections in Southwest Portland.

Pedestrian Access to Oswego Towne Square

On December 4, 2019, City Council adopted Southwest in Motion (Resolution No. 37464): link to records of adopted planSee page A-26: A walkway connection from SW Orchard Hill Rd to Oswego Towne Square shopping mall and grocery store.

Southwest In Motion identifies a realistic short-term action plan that provides basic walking and bicycling connectivity where they are needed most.

I-5 Bridge Over SW 26th Ave

Oregon Department of Transportation will replace the current bridge with a new, improved structure and Portland Bureau of Transportation will upgrade SW 26th Avenue with better lighting, bike lanes and sidewalks.

Beginning in 2023, SW 26th Avenue will be fully closed to motor vehicles directly under I-5 for about a year. Businesses on SW Barbur Court and homes on SW 26th Avenue will still be accessible.

Gravel Street Service

Portland has over 50 miles of gravel streets which are not maintained by the city. As a result, those streets were in bad shape, with large potholes and ruts. Until the launch of the Gravel Street Service in 2018, PBOT did not have many options to help residents who were unhappy with the condition of their roads. Thanks to the new program, however, PBOT can offer a cost-effective solution for making these gravel roads better. Even better, the service is FREE for residents.

Safer Shoulders - SW Stephenson

Stephenson Porject map

June 7 , 2021 City of Portland (PBOT) is under contract with the contractor to complete work by November 15, 2021.